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Question 1 out of 7
I am a…
Student or graduate
Career shift
Question 2 out of 7
The recruiter should pick me because…
I am qualified (sufficient experience and achievements)
I have the right personality for the job
I have the right skills for the job
I’m hardworking and motivated
Question 3 out of 7
My work experience section is…
A perfect biography of my career
A long list of responsibilities or descriptions
Short, targeted and to the point
A mess, lot’s of gaps that are hard to hide
The empty center of my CV
Question 4 out of 7
My education is…
A single line: “Institution, Degree, Year started - Year ended”
Targeted towards the position by highlighting relevant courses
Complicated… can I mention unfinished courses or studies?
Not jet finished, can I already mention it?
Question 5 out of 7
The skill section of my CV…
Describes my most valuable key skills
Showcases a list of items I have experience with
Is absent, I’m not sure if it adds value
Is absent, my skills are not important for the job
Question 6 out of 7
My achievements…
Are described within my work experience description
Are highlighted in a list on my CV
Might be present, not really thought about it
Are absent, I don’t think I have impressive achievements
Question 7 out of 7
Personal interests/hobbies on my CV?
Definitely not, I’m a professional!
No, I don’t think it adds value
Of course, it makes my CV more personal
Yes, to show my fit with the companies culture
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