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You have only 20 seconds to make the right impression

Imagine applying for only the job positions that you LOVE…

While doubling your job interview rate.

Impossible? Definitely not!

You might think “how can someone like me do that”…

“I have not the perfect work history”…

Or “my educational level is not high enough”.

Well, here’s the thing…


Let me ask you something.

Have you ever felt that you had found the perfect job?

Your credentials where excellent… your skills were PERFECT for the job… but you still didn’t get the invitation?

It happens… a LOT.

The best candidates are not the ones who get hired.
The candidates with the best CV’s are the ones that get hired!

Today, recruiters play it very safe.

Recruiters receive around 100 CVs for every job application. That means 100 CVs, 100 Cover Letters and 100 emails.

They just don’t have the time to read your CV thoroughly.

Recruiters SCAN your CV for 20 seconds.

That’s all you got. Your first impression is the only thing that counts in the first round.

Impress the recruiter immediately with your added value and you’ll pass the test. Fail to do so and you are done.

Even when you thought you had the strongest background or perfect working experience… That’s how recruitment works nowadays.

In other words…

Getting a job in today’s market is all about your approach. With some simple strategies, you can turn this into your favour.

Now don’t get me wrong. Skills & experience are very important.

But if you screw your presentation, you are done nonetheless.

Take nothing less than your dream job

So… creating an effective CV is all about your approach. That is a great news! It is an amazing opportunity for you.

With the right knowledge, you can accomplish amazing results fairly easily.

Not only that…

I believe that getting your dream job is actually easier than any other job.


Because when you go for nothing less your dream job, your CV will be ULTRA FOCUSED for that SPECIFIC position.

Before applying, you will make sure to know EVERYTHING about the function.

  • What PROBLEM does it solve for the company?
  • What are the most important aspects of the function?
  • How does a normal day look like?
  • What CHARACTER TRAITS do you need to possess?
  • Maybe you know their SOLUTION even better than the company!

So do you know what the function solves? …because the recruiter does!

He is actively seeking for these qualities within your CV. Get a checkmark on all these aspects and you’ll make it to the job interview.

And you know what!

If it is really your dream job… you will shine during that interview. You will be ENTHUSIASTIC.

You will have prepared everything to the last detail. You see yourself already in that position and know exactly how you would handle it.

Step 1

FOCUS on a narrow field and apply only for the jobs you really like. Make sure you target everything in your CV to this job and your chances will increase significantly.

Don’t send your too generic CV to lots of mediocre jobs.

Yes… there is a small chance that it works… but would you really be happy?

Go for nothing less than your dream job!

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Create your CV as a personal brand

I spent the last 2 years uncovering the formula behind a successful CV.

What surprised me most is that your experience or qualifications are actually not that decisive…

It’s all about your approach.

Meaning… even without great qualifications, you can outperform 95% of your competitors by writing your CV differently!

One of the secrets lies in the RIGHT first impression.

You have to DESIGN what the recruiter will think about you after reading your CV for 20 seconds.

After a pile of 50 CV’s, the recruiter has to think about you the way you want him to think about you.

In other words… you have to create your PERSONAL BRAND.

And it is not hard.

It is just that nobody has taught you how to write a CV effectively… yet.

Change your perspective and learn the right strategies and you will be fine.

Your CV will become your most important personal branding tool that is extremely targeted towards a single position, making it highly effective.

What a successful CV looks like

Most websites out there talk about the same tips over and over again:

Don’t make your CV too long”, “Be yourself”, “Make no grammar mistakes”, “Add more whitespace” or my personal favourite: “have fun while writing your CV” (sure, why not?).

Ok, maybe some of these tips are ‘okay’.

But nobody talks about what makes THE difference.

And at the same time… the same people, over and over again succeed in getting the job they want... They understand how the system works!

  • They planned the first impression for maximum impact and made every word count.
  • They made sure the CV wasn’t about THEM. There’s plenty of time to talk about that within the job interview. Instead, they focused on the crucial aspects and benefits to the employer and made sure they would notice...
  • Every element of their CV emphasized their message… the crucial components they want the recruiter to remember them for.

Step 2

DESIGN what the recruiter will think about you after SCANNING your CV for 20 seconds.

Integrate some personal branding: emphasize the things you want the recruiter to remember you for.

Your CV is not about YOU but about THEM. How can THEY benefit from you?

Make every element emphasize that message.

Professional, characteristic CV template


It is useless to seek the ‘single best CV format’… it does NOT exist.

Everyone is in a different stage of their career. And thus needs a slightly different approach based on skill set, career history and career direction.

You need an OPTIMISED CV format that is based on your NEEDS.

So… do you want to learn YOUR best CV format?

Instead of endless searching for CV tips online… or spending hours trying to create a decent CV on your own…

… How about using my knowledge and use a free CV format that is OPTIMISED for the current recruitment industry?

I have a complete CV course that will explain every step of the process.

But if you want a quick start: take the free CV quiz/test.

With 7 simple questions, I generate your personal CV blueprint, teaching you highly effective strategies that are targeted for your needs.

Step 3

There is no SINGLE best CV format as everyone is in a different position and thus needs a unique, OPTIMISED CV that is based on their needs.

Take the free CV test and get your personal CV blueprint.

Over 1750 people used my strategies and took control over their career. Will you?

I get lots of positive responses like:

I have read a couple of books on CV writing and read a lot of articles on the internet but this is the only course that is kind of a practical DIY toolkit.


Hello Wouter, I consider that my CV is perfect. I love what you did, the way you highlighted the main points and the way you summarised the information. I am happy with the result and very thankful to you. You did an excellent job. Thank you very much!“.

Take the test. You have nothing to lose :-)

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My Mission? Helping 1 Million People Get Their Dream Job.

Today, recruiters play it very safe. It is not the candidate with the best qualifications that get the job, but the one with the best CV.

I think that’s simply wrong. How much better would the world be when everyone was in the job position where he or she could make the most impact?

How about applying only for the jobs you really want instead of every job application that seems decent? I actually recommend this as it will increase your chance of success when used with my powerful strategies.

With my psychological marketer background, I offer a unique & highly effective perspective. It would be a privilege to guide you through this journey and empower you to get the job of your life!

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