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Are you struggling with ‘how should my CV look like’ and ‘what should I say about myself’?
Have you spend hours of time making your CV look decent... but is it still not working?

Search online for CV tips and you'll end up with results like 'the 12 secret CV words you must avoid'. Right... this click bait might be valuable... but if they don't tell you WHY you should avoid them, it's completely useless. This CV Course will show you the whole picture.

I started CV-Template back in April 2016 with a mission of helping 1 million people get their dream job. With my free online CV builder, everybody can now create a professional designed CV with ease. But I didn't stop there.

With this CV course, I'm going the extra mile: helping you to get that job. I spent 2 years investigating successful CV's and I will reveal my most powerful CV strategies in this course.

I promise this CV course will be highly practical and to the point. It contains only the aspects that REALLY matter. Within one day, you can outperform 95% of the CVs out there.

I think that's worth something... right?

To your best job yet,

How to write a CV - Part 1
What is the real purpose of a CV?
Did you know that the first CV originated more than 500 years ago? Not only that, Leonardo da Vinci’s approach was spot-on...
So why is it that 500 years later, almost everybody makes this #1 mistake?
How to write a CV - Part 2
CV vs Resume and the differences between countries
While CVs are explicit academically used in the United States (and are extensive documents with publications, awards, honours and achievements), the European/international CV is not that different from a resume.
How to write a CV - Part 3
How recruiters look at your CV
The best candidates are not the ones that get hired; the candidates with the best CVs are! They don’t necessarily the strongest background or perfect working experience. However, they have answered in their CV everything the recruiter is looking for and in an interesting way!
How to write a CV - Part 4
Align your CV with the job
Do you know EXACTLY what the job is about and what problems the position solves?… Remember, the recruiter does!
The first thing to ask yourself is ‘Do I really KNOW what this job is about?’.
How to write a CV - Part 5
What is the best CV format?
Besides the chronological CV, there are 3 other CV formats that all have different advantages.

However, what if we would tell you that we improved these CV formats with 3 highly effective focus types that will definitely get you noticed?
How to write a CV - Part 6
Getting the CV basics right
Recruiters only select the best CVs, not necessary the applicants with the best qualifications.

It is critical to get the CV basics right. Your CV has to be about THEM and not about what you want to tell!
How to write a CV - Part 7
How to make hard achievement statements
Research shows that achievement-focused CVs are THREE TIMES more likely to pass the first round compared to a duties-focused CV.

Learn how to increase your chances drastically by stating your hard achievements effectively!
How to write a CV - Part 8
Write a powerful CV summary
The CV summary is the context-setting start of your CV. For that reason, it is the most important CV section.

Do it right and you can DESIGN how the recruiter will read your CV. This formula will make your CV summary highly effective.
How to write a CV - Part 9
Write your work experience for maximum impact
The trick of writing a work experience section for maximum impact is to be as precise as possible.

Target every aspect towards the desired job and avoid unknown fancy terms.
How to write a CV - Part 10
How to put your education in a CV
Your CV education is not that important? Think twice! It could be an amazing asset, giving EVIDENCE that you possess the right knowledge…

That is… if you know how to write your CV education effectively!
How to write a CV - Part 11
Strengths vs Skills vs Competences
Strengths, skills and competences are often used synonymously on a CV while there are actually differences!
How about answering the ‘what are your greatest strengths’ question with the RIGHT strengths next time?
How to write a CV - Part 12
Hobbies/personal interest in your CV
Including your personal interest or hobbies in a CV can be a smart move if used the right way.

Use this CV section cunningly, SHOWING the employer why you are the best hire!
How to write a CV - Part 13
CV references
Good CV references are in the top 5 of important factors for interviewers to consider hiring. But is it still necessary to include these referees on your CV?

Learn now what the best cv references are now!
How to write a CV - Bonus
How to write a strong CV without work experience
Most graduates are struggling with their cv; How can you possibly convince an employer about your skills and qualities without work experience?

Well, it is actually not that hard when using this clever student CV format!

My Mission? Helping 1 Million People Get Their Dream Job.

Today, recruiters play it very safe. It is not the candidate with the best qualifications that get the job, but the one with the best CV.

I think that’s simply wrong. How much better would the world be when everyone was in the job position where he or she could make the most impact?

How about applying only for the jobs you really want instead of every job application that seems decent? I actually recommend this as it will increase your chance of success when used with my powerful strategies.

With my psychological marketer background, I offer a unique & highly effective perspective. It would be a privilege to guide you through this journey and empower you to get the job of your life!

To Your Best Job Yet,
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