How recruiters look at your CV

How recruiters perceive your cv
Convince the recruiter within 20 seconds and pass the first test

Are you having a hard time writing your CV?

Do you struggle with the format…

Doubting what to write where…

…end up with long lists of job responsibilities?

You're not alone.

Most people list every detail they can think of…

HOPING that their qualifications will get them there.

But how did that work out so far?

Yeah, I know… And it's not your fault.

Nobody has told you how to write a CV EFFECTIVELY.

You are probably just doing what everybody else is doing…

Even when everybody is doing it WRONG!

Here's the thing…

The digital age changed the whole recruitment industry.

The classic CV is dead. Recruiters are NOT interested in your full biography anymore…

It is the CORE REASON why so many people struggle to find a job.

But you won't.

I will tell you exactly how to fix it the fastest way possible.

This article will help you take back CONTROL over your job search.

In fact, you will be able to literally CHOOSE your job.

Too good to be true?

Hang on…

In this short CV course, I will show you HOW to do it step-by-step.

But first… you need to tackle one MAJOR problem…

Recruiters are being FLOODED with digital CVs

Research shows that around 100 candidates apply for every job offer.


Well, it actually gets worse…

100 candidates means 100 EMAILS, 100 CVs and 100 COVER LETTERS

…for a SINGLE recruiter!

Imagine a recruiter looking through a pile of 50-60 CVs from which he has to select 5 for a more thorough research…


Forget going to the pub to hang out with friends…

Having some family time…

He HAS to make a quick selection.

The result?

Recruiters spend less than 20 seconds reviewing each CV.

Is the CV hard to read due to an unclear format? Next CV…

Does your CV contain irrelevant information? Done…

Congrats. You just got yourself a one-way ticket to the NO-pile.

Yes, you might be the MOST QUALIFIED candidate…

But if your CV does not show your fit IMMEDIATELY, you are rejected all the same.

A strong first impression has never been more important.

So… what to do?

Well, it's simple. Stop writing your CV in your own mindset thinking only about what is important for YOU.

You have to make your CV about THEM.

Answer what THEY are looking for instead of what YOU want to tell.
(you can talk all about yourself in the job interview)

You see…

While the majority struggle, there is a select group that get opportunity after opportunity.


Top performers know EXACTLY what the job position solves and brand themselves as the solution.

Not only that. They make sure to EMPHASIZE this message consistently throughout their CV… They make sure the recruiter CAN'T ignore them.

And so will you.

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How to write your CV effectively

So, you want to learn how to write your CV for MAXIMUM IMPACT?

Well, the first thing to do is being EXTREMELY SPECIFIC about the job position you’re looking for.

This will enable you to literally CHOOSE your job.

If you know EXACTLY what the job is about you can OPTIMIZE your CV to answer everything the recruiter is looking for.

YES, the preparation takes a time. But not that much.

In fact, it is the biggest ROI you can have

While everyone is applying for every decent job opportunity they can find, you will have your pick.

Invest 1 hour and writing your CV will become SOO MUCH EASIER.

You will know EXACTLY what to write where and why.

Every element will have its purpose. All randomness disappears.

Your CV will be stronger than ever.

My advice?

Don't settle for anything less than your DREAM JOB.

  • How much better would your life be when you are in a job position where you are happy and can make the most impact?
  • How about coming home each fulfilling workday making a difference…
  • What would be the positive impact on your family?

With my CV strategies, you have the ability to CHOOSE the job you want.

Feeling not comfortable with that dream job yet?

Is it just out of reach? Get over it!

AT LEAST choose a job in that direction that will allow you to grow to the desired position.

It's simple. Today, it are NOT the candidates with the best qualifications that get the job. But the ones with the BEST CVs.

I am going to make sure that's YOU.

“If your CV works, you work, if your CV doesn’t work, you don’t work!”

Let’s start with an example

Why I emphasize so much on making your CV ULTRA SPECIFIC?

Let me show you. Let’s have a quick look at how most people write their education in their CV as an example.

You see… most people waste an enormous opportunity within this 'simple' part of their CV.

Major Psychology, X University
Reached my degree in psychology


That’s how your education section looks like, right?

But… what’s the value to the recruiter?

The education description is an amazing opportunity to strengthen your brand, giving evidence that you have the right knowledge!

If you’re applying as a scientific mathematician, isn’t this line far more powerful?

Major Science, X University
Courses included; Advanced Calculus & Linear Algebra, Multivariate Calculus & Ordinary Differential Equations, Discrete Mathematics

And if you’re applying for a medical research job, how about this?

Major Science, X University
Relevant courses; Medicinal & Biological Chemistry, Drug Design & Development, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Same study, totally different impact.

You might be thinking ‘that’s not special, everyone in my study has done those courses’.

But does that matter?

The job of your CV is to show that you are THE ideal candidate.

This way of writing the education section will PROVE that you possess the right knowledge.

Do this and you successfully presented yourself as the solution to THEIR problem (once again).

How you must think when writing your CV

The goal of your CV is to be the first person they remember when thinking about ‘their’ problem or specific (skill) needs.

This can only be accomplished by being SPECIFIC.

Do NOT use generic terms like marketing but think about what they are really looking for (like psychological email marketing).

The person that is hiring you is not looking for some ‘marketing’ guy.

He is looking for the best solution for a specific problem that has to be tackled with a specific method!

Make hard achievement statements

Did you know that within a CV everyone is a ‘team player’, ‘motivated’ and a ‘hard-worker’?

It does not matter.

Those statements are empty opinions without proof, and recruiters know that.

It is your job to SHOW that you are the best fit by giving EVIDENCE.

The best way of giving evidence? Make hard achievement statements!

  • Do I really need to do this?” Yes. With an achievement-focused CV, you are TRIPLING your chances when compared to a duty-focused CV.
  • But I don’t think I have any achievements”. I have not met a single adult who didn’t. In ‘Make hard achievement statements’ I will teach you exactly how to find yours!

I have heard stories like ‘I’ve had no education and ‘just’ want to be a receptionist’.

But… what is the difference?

What kind of qualities are recruiters looking for with a receptionist job in mind?

Describe instead of ‘cleaning tables in a restaurant’ the more human aspects of the job like ‘handling customer services’, aligning yourself much more with the job.

That’s much better, but can you include also some hard facts?

Maybe you’ve worked 50 weeks (a year), 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, in a 4-star restaurant with on average 100 customers a day:

Successfully handed over 25.000 customers and performed several reception duties in a 4-star restaurant”.

Maybe you even trained new waiters/waitresses, a role that can support your leadership and coaching competence if you want a career move to a coaching role.

Try to CLOSE THE GAP between past experiences and your desired position and make the career move a logical result!

Professional CV in 7 Simple Steps
In-depth strategies. Psychological secrets. Valuable examples.
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People tend to write long, detailed lists of job responsibilities in every work experience description.

It's like they are afraid of missing that one little detail that could make the difference.

Don’t do that.

Only highlight the important, matching aspects that they are looking for.

Give FOCUS to your CV and show that you are a SPECIALIST.

Would you hire a generic do-it-all candidate or a specialist that knows how to deal with your SPECIFIC problem?

In other words…

Would you hire a family doctor or a specialized heart surgeon to operate your heart?

Yeah, I thought so too… But there are exceptions.

In SMALL companies < 15 employees, being some kind of generalist can work in your favour.

However, NEVER state more than 3 different areas of expertise.

And be cautious of responsibilities…

If you write that you were responsible for the social media, the recruiter actually knows NOTHING.

Maybe you weren’t on Facebook for 6 months and lost all followers!

If you write 'launched a new content strategy and grown the follower group from 317 to 4781’ that's impressive right?

Keep in mind what the recruiter is looking for and select the stories that will prove your suitability.

State them as powerful possible (using my compact story formula) and you'll get there.

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In the next lesson…
In 'align your CV to the job' I will show you how to get extremely specific in your job choice.

You will learn some smart ways of doing research and the right questions to ask.

After this essential step, you will know exactly what the recruiter is looking for within the CV and thus gain a HUGE advantage over your competitors!

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I think that’s simply wrong. How much better would the world be when everyone was in the job position where he or she could make the most impact?

How about applying only for the jobs you really want instead of every job application that seems decent? I actually recommend this as it will increase your chance of success when used with my powerful strategies.

With my psychological marketer background, I offer a unique & highly effective perspective. It would be a privilege to guide you through this journey and empower you to get the job of your life!

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