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CV Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci invented the CV in 1482

In 1482, Leonardo da Vinci invented the CV.

He listed all his abilities and send it to the Duke of Milan.

The best thing?

His approach was spot-on.

He could have highlighted all his impressive projects from the past.

But he didn’t.

He could have provided a list of all the artillery he already made.

But he didn’t.

No, Da Vinci realized that those were all HIS achievements and not the Duke’s NEEDS.

He placed himself in the Duke’s position and figured out what he could offer to improve HIS situation.

And it worked.

The #1 CV mistake

Leonardo’s approach was spot-on. He made sure to communicate how the EMPLOYER could benefit from his work…

So why is it that 500 years later, almost everybody makes this #1 mistake?

I have seen so many people writing down their entire biography.

They enthusiastically list everything they can think of. Stating all kinds of non-correlating job descriptions that talk only about their responsibilities.

And after that, they send their general CV to every recruiter agency they can think of... HOPING that something will come from it.

But let’s switch sides for a second.

Recruiters are thinking ‘which of these people are the best fit to solve my companies problem’.

Not ‘what is this person looking for within his/her next position’.

In other words, the recruiter does NOT select ’motivated, hard-working people that are looking for a new challenge’.

Which is EXACTLY what most people write.

You have to be the solution to the companies problem and make sure to communicate this clearly.

Interview guaranteed.

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The real purpose of a CV

The purpose of your CV is NOT to get the job… It is to arrange an interview!

The main objective of your CV is to communicate to the recruiter that this particular job is the logical result of your career path.

Your CV has to evoke the desire to meet you!

In other words...

Your CV is NOT the place to demonstrate what YOU are looking for.

It is to show why you are the perfect candidate.

There is plenty of time to talk about yourself in the job interview.

The term CV is misleading in today’s context…

Curriculum Vitae means literally ‘the course of one’s life’.

That's exactly what it once was: a static document with the complete biography of the applicant.

There WAS a time when it was expected to describe every job experience in full detail…

…When you went to a copy shop to print your CV 50 times, looked at job ads in newspapers and send the CV to every company you liked…

That time is long gone. The digital age made sure of that!

Your CV is NOT a biography anymore!

Write it the old way and you will FAIL in the current recruitment system.

It is the core reason why so many people struggle to find a job.

Let me explain.

the biggest issues for recruiters

Recruiters don't have the time to search your long lists of job descriptions for that one achievement that makes you a suitable candidate.

Today, duplicating your CV is as simple as ‘copy’ and ‘paste’, which is exactly why everybody is doing that.

Recruiters are being flooded with digital CVs!

They don’t even read your CV in this first round anymore. They just scan it for 20 seconds.

If your CV is hard to read due to an unclear format or irrelevant information, the recruiter will just move on to the next CV.

You have to survive this first phase purely based on the first impression…

You have to stand out!

A successful CV is about…

  1. A strong summary
  2. A brief account of your education
  3. A powerful work experience section
  4. An impressive showcase of proof (skills/hard achievements) that are all aligned with the job.

Every aspect of your CV should have a purpose.

Every item has to strengthen the core message you want the recruiter to remember, making you the ideal candidate.

Don’t worry… It will all become clear in 'How recruiters look at your CV'.

It is not that hard and I will tell you step-by-step how to do it in this short CV course!

This CV course is designed to take your CV to the next level

So… you know now that it is essential to stand out with your first impression.

You have to shift your focus and design what the recruiter will think about you after scanning your CV for 20 seconds.

But to be able to design your CV the most effective way, you have to know first WHAT the recruiter is looking for (align your CV with the job).

The good news? It is not nearly as difficult or time-consuming as you think.

You just have to learn how to write your CV effectively.

Follow my strategies and there is absolutely NO WAY the recruiter can ignore you.

How about applying only for the jobs you really want instead of every job application that seems decent?


Actually, this is exactly what I recommend.

By focussing your CV only on a single job position, you will significantly increase your chance of success.

Everything in your CV will be targeted towards this position and communicate that you are the right fit.

And by the way, as you know exactly what the job is about and why you are the right fit, the interview will become so much easier!

This CV course is NOT for you if…

Let me be clear…

This course is NOT about creating a general CV the fastest way possible.

I am not interested in people that want to craft their CV in 5 minutes and be done with it.

I DO want to help people that are determined to take control over their career. People that are motivated and serious about their future.

If that is you, I promise that I won’t bore you with the dull tips everyone talks about.

I am known for my straightforward, no BS approach and will only share my best CV strategies from my highly effective marketer perspective.

After this course, you will have a CV that is OPTIMIZED for the first impression. You will know EXACTLY what to write where and why.

Every element will have its PURPOSE.

I think it is the best time investment you can make.

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My Mission? Helping 1 Million People Get Their Dream Job.

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I think that’s simply wrong. How much better would the world be when everyone was in the job position where he or she could make the most impact?

How about applying only for the jobs you really want instead of every job application that seems decent? I actually recommend this as it will increase your chance of success when used with my powerful strategies.

With my psychological marketer background, I offer a unique & highly effective perspective. It would be a privilege to guide you through this journey and empower you to get the job of your life!

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